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Russian Arm

ML studded tires

We are the sole representatives of Russian Arm in Scandinavia. We are based in Oslo but travel easy. The Russian Arm can be transported on a lowloader for long distance travel.

Its has just been pushed to the limits on the new feature “Børning” Produced by Filmkameratene AS and directed by Hallvard Bræin.

The AMG Mercedes ML comes equippped with 5 monitors and intercom all integrated within the cars interior. The ML can on closed circuits drive at speeds up to 160 km/h with the Russian arm.

Moviebirds technicians has also designed a special night LED light for the Russian Arm to operate during night shoots.

The Russian Arm concept has lately ventured into car commercials and we see a growing market.

It is a high speed mobile crane arm used for photographing moving vehicles from just about any & every angle you want in all weather conditions. Shots are setup on the fly & adjusted instantly. Sequences can be as dynamic as your imagination

We also have a pool of skilled operators which work world wide.


  • Extreme studded tires for ice (se picture)
  • Radio communication with other cars

Specification for the car:

  • Mercedes ML55 AMG with 350HP
  • Öhlins racing dampers special built for this car
  • Uppgraded brakes to extreme racing
  • All monitors and cabling is integrated side the car
  • Extra seat fitted in the booth for the Russian Arm operators comfort and safety.


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The Russian Arm

The Legendary and Academy Award winning Russian Arm was designed by FILMOTECHNIC as the first of its kind mobile camera remote crane system. It is the most flexible and stable camera system on the market. The Russian Arm changed the way in which film makers shoot their tracking shots. It inspired directors and DP’s to create the most amazing dynamic shots ever, such as the high speed and breathtaking scenes on ‘War of Worlds’ or chase shots in ‘Transformers’. As well as numerous tracking shots for ‘Mission Impossible 3’, ‘Fast and Furious’, ” James Bond”, ‘Incredible Hulk’ and many others. It is also quickly became the preferred tool for shooting car commercials and music videos. The Russian Arm is the unique combination of a gyro stabilized remote system the ‘Flight Head’ and a remote camera crane. The Russian Arm keeps the camera steady while going high speed, across bumpy roads or off-road.

Specification for the Russian ArmRA

  • Pan & Tilt axis are gyro-stabilized
  • Length of the arm 4,5 meters (Optional 6,2meters)
  • 360° panning capability
  • Operating Tilt angle ±45°
  • Speed 6 sec / 360°
  • Max camera payload capacity 25 kg
  • Weight up to 300 kg (RA, FH, Camera, Counter Weights)
  • Operating at speeds up to 180 km / hr









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