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Super Felix V – Crane

Movie Tech`s super Felix 5 crane

The maximum height of this crane is 536 cm / 17’6” . This crane commonly called the Super-Felix is for those who require the additional length.

With the modular Felix Crane System it is possible to set up for remote-head or platform use within minutes. The maximum heights of the standard Felix crane are: with platform for 1 person approx. 3,5 m/12′ ; with remote head mount approx. 450 cm/15′ .

The basic Felix crane can be extended within a short time to many different lengths. Made of Aluminium alloy the crane weighs in the Felix IV version (ridge: 450 cm / 14’9” ) around 150 Kg (without counterweight).

As with the Phoenix crane tools are not required for mounting either Felix models as the sections also connect with the patented Movie Tech locking system. One person alone may mount the whole crane, this is possible thanks to the well though out system and the use of lightweight materials. You may also transport the crane in a pick-up.





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