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Mario Remote Dolly

This is a system we have developed by our self and is based on expericenes from earlier systems. It is based on a Movietech tracks, witch we have a lot of different length of. It is a modular system witch can be setup from the basic with fixed column up too electrical column with full motion control on the entire system. The dolly is integrated into the Service-vision Scorpio controller and the entire system is controlled by one man with footpedals and joystick.
Used with great success on live TV shows and concert venues where it can hide in front of the stage and remotely jib up and down on the column.
Its stealth design makes its very little visible and hides easy for other cameraes or an audience.


Our Mario can also be set in High Speed mode for those fast tracks that are often seen on big venues like Eurovison Song Contest and sports events. We have 40meter of straight tracks with automatic smooth stops in the end of the track.


  • Speed: 4,5 m/s
  • Width: 80cm
  • Track: up to 40m (Longer on request)

Link to High Speed Mario Commercial

Link to Mario Remote rigg football

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