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Gekko Ring light

george™ is ideal where an on axis fill is required, from a controllable source and larger diameter zooms or primes are being used.

The unique clamping system, on george™, makes mounting quick and simple.

Powered by a lightweight, dedicated ballast that accepts input from any 12 Volt to 24 Volt film or video battery, providing flicker free power and individual switching of four-quarter-sub-sets, top, bottom, left and right and dimming from 100% to 5% without altering colour temperature. The ballast features instant start, at preset dim level, at full colour temperature.

george™ features the unique and robust Gekko accessory mounting method for alternative lenses,colour correction and diffusion ensuring no time is lost on set.

george™ can be controlled by Gekko’s range of remotes including; wired dimmer, wireless dimmer and switcher, DMX interface and keyframe camera synchronisation unit.

Foot candles Lux
1ft 1100
2ft 600
3ft 320
1m 3800
4ft 200
5ft 160
6ft 110

Gekko Ringlight - Spellemann

george ™ ring light system is versatile, modular ring light system for professionals.

Designed by a working Director of Photography, george will fit almost any professional TV and film camera and lens combination.

  • Dependable high colour quality light
  • High output, using less than 50W
  • Robust quality design
  • No bulbs or tubes to replace for 25,000 hours (2+ years 24/7 running)
  • Dimmable onboard or via wired dimmer, wireless dimmer or DMX
  • Switchable sectors to give the user ultimate control
  • Simple robust mounting system for lens options and diffusion
  • Integrated bar mounting for 19mm, 15mm and Panavision PV mount
  • Wide range of accessories




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