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Wirecam – Dactylcam Pro

First system to arrive in Norway.

  • DEFY Dactylcam Pro is engineered and designed for broadcast, live events , tv-drama and feature film productions needing higher capacity payloads, but handels like a lightweight system.
  • The Dactylcam Pro is equipped with redundant safety features and an intuitive digital platform for programming custom settings for any application.
  • Operating from the PULSE controller allows GPS tracking, speed settings and redundant safety features that make the Dactylcam Pro the most powerful, safe and intuitive cable-cam available.

Link to wire set-up in remote nature location

Moviebird Norway has worked closely with the DEFY engineers in the US and UK to adapt the Dactylcam Pro for our needs regarding power and flexibility.

Capable heads:

  • Flighthead Mini V3
  • Shotover G1
  • Freefly Movi M15 / PRO
  • Intuitive Aerial – Newton head
  • DEFY Ethos head
  • Other small gyro heads.


  • Capable of payloads up to 100lbs/45kg and speeds of 35 mph/56kmt.
  • Incline up too apx. 10 degree, depending on the payload weight.
  • Digital Safety Stops/limits allow users to set end-points for completely safe operation
  • Additional safety pulleys attach to the frame adding redundant line for safety and security
  • Digital readout on frame shows all data for power, connectivity and position
  • Custom controller shows real-time data of power, position on line, travel, speed and distance from end as well as setting top speed, acceleration and deceleration
  • Adjustable drive wheel for different tensions needed in the line
  • Power all accessories with integrated PTAPs on each side of the sled as well as a variety of cheese plates for mounting nearly any accessory
  • Integrated power output for accessorize: 48volt, 27volt, 24volt. 14,8volt.
  • Active traction control keeps the wheel from spinning reducing wear on the line and increase traction during wet / dry conditions or incline and decline
  • 5/16” 12,000lb/5,443kg breaking strength Dyneema line provided for durability in harsh conditions.
  • Quick disconnect pins on safety wheels allow removal or transfer between lines in seconds
  • Kit fits in (2) Pelican cases with custom dividers and compartments for all equipment.

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