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Flighthead 7 Advanced

Flight Head 7 Advance is the latest 3 axis stabilized technology which offers an unprecedented level of image stability under extreme conditions.

Engineered and built to be used in combination with the Russian Arm to withstand higher vibration levels and acceleration impacts. New generation of ‘auto horizon’ control electronics provides an accurate horizon level even in high-G turns.  It is one of the strongest, most rigid and powerful stabilized remote heads on the market, that minimizes vibration and unwanted shaking of the camera during rough or fast moves throughout a 25-300mm zoom range (film lens). The Flight Head 7 Advanced offers a fast and smooth response, it is capable of handling and stabilizing most large camera packages.

Operated with hand wheels, joystick. the Flight Head can be mounted on a wide variety of regular or telescoping camera cranes, dollies, camera cars, quad bikes, helicopters and cablecam rigs, etc.

 Key feature

  • 3 Axis gyro-stabelized
  • Accepts most of Motion picture, still and HD cameras on marked
  • Varsity of mounts including Mitchell mount
  • Control: Joystick, Handwheels, (Optional: Panbar)
  • Setup time: 30-40min
  • Back pan compensation (Optional)
  • RF wireless controll
  • Digital Auto Horizon (GV) always keeps camera level in high G turns
  • Auto horizon can be turned off for greater control of Roll axis
  • Sealed for rain, mud, snow, sand etc.
  • Preston FIZ plugs into head console to give zoom on the joystick
  • Optional shaker

Dimension & weight

  • Lenght: 85cm
  • Width: 65cm
  • Heights: min 86cm, max 100cm
  • Weight: 33kg
  • Payload capacity up to 50kg

Operating range

  • Pan range: 360° continuos
  • Roll range: 270° (With auto horizon)
  • Tilt range: 200°
  • Pan,Roll,tilt speed: 160° /sec
  • Temperature range from -40° C up to +40° C (-40F up to 110F)


  • Power supply: 24-30 Volt DC
  • 2 Amps standby
  • 15 Amps Din. Max

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