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2 Axis Rotary Damper

Specs and Features Rotary damper, FH5 MB 45

  • 2 Axis Rotational Oil Dampening
  • Fully Adjustable in both axes.
  • Automatic Level Control on all crane arms.
  • Smoothes out starts & stops on all Telescopic Cranes.
  • Smoothes out pan move starts & stops on all crane arms.
  • +/- 75° rotational movement in X & Y axes.
  • Reduces nose weight of MovieBird or Techno Cranes by 13,6kg / 30Lbs.
  • Eliminates Leveling Gear on MovieBirds
  • Greatly reduces dynamic rotational stresses on all crane arms.
  • Allows Gyros in Flight Heads to work more efficiently.
  • Payload capacity up to 100 kg.
  • MovieBird/ Techno Nose Mount only 9.6 kg.
  • Temperature range from -100 °C up to +100 °С.

Mounts MovieBird 45′-30′-17′

Mounting: Mitchell to Mitchell, Filmotechnic to Mitchell, Mitchell to Filmotechnic.

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