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Scorpio MINI SB92

The Scorpio SB92 is a high end digital remote head. It is extremely versatile and can be used as a stand alone head, on cranes or tracking systems. Because the SB92 is digital, the camera operator can configure or tune the head to specific applications. It comes equipped with slip rings in both pan and tilt axis’s.

It can be controlled with cable, up to 500 meters or be wireless. The SB92 is modular so it can be increased in size to cope with the largest 3D packages or reduced in size when space is tight.

Keyfeature:Scorpio mini SB92

  • Standard Mitchell mount
  • Joystick or Panbar
  • Electronic limits for pan, tilt & FIZ
  • 360° continous pan & tilt
  • Pan & tilt speed: 360° on 2 sec
  • Motion controll and repeatable
  • Versatile & strong enough to handle larger 35mm camera packages
  • All axis has the optic centered
  • Integrated with Scorpio focus systems

Dimension:Scorpio Mini SB92 2

  • No riser: H 59 x 38cm x D 24cm
  • All riser: H 89 x 38cm x D 24cm


  • Without support arm & riser: 16kg
  • With Support arm & risers: 22,5kg
  • Max payload without support: 30kg
  • Max payload with support: 60kg

Recording:Scorpio SB92 PanBar

  • All axes (pan, tilt , zoom, focus & iris) are programmable and repeatable.
  • Powerful memory. Record & recall various positions, moves & lens function
  • Multitrack recording & motion capture up to 6 different 2 minutes records.



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