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Russian Arm Dynamic

The Russian Arm Dynamic (Autorobot Mini) combined with Flight Head Mini 3 is a new generation of gyrostabilized robotic camera crane systems.

Through Moviebird Norways licenced partnership with Filmotechnic we are proud to russian arm miniintroduce the first The Russian Arm Dynamic (Autorobot Mini) in Scandinavia.

We are proud to expand our capacity and offer a wider range of visual choices as we since 2013 have travelled all around Scandinavia with our Russian Arm system mounted on our custom built AMG ML55.

The Russian Arm Dynamic is a remotely operated gyrostabilized minicrane technology that was designed for use on small camera cars, electric carts, process trailers or other small tracking vehicles to be able perform on narrow roads, small sized sets, tunnels, parking garages, bridges.

The Russian Arm Dynamic is lightweight and compact but powerful enough to go high
speed and work in most challenging conditions. It is capable of 360° pan, tilting up and down allowing a wide range of impressively stable, smooth and very dynamic shots.
Russian Arm Dynamic system is operated via joystick consoles from within a camera car.

One of our most versatile tools.
The MINI so light that it can be shipped and attached to almost any roof rack.
Measurements very slightly per actual camera car.

• 2-Axis Gyro-Stabilized
• Boom length: 3,6m
 Lens high range:3.0m above grade 

• Lens low range: 1.2m below grade
• Height Clearance: 2.1m
• Max camera payload capacity: 15kg
• Operating Weight of Crane: 141kg – 180kg

Specificationsrussian arm mini macan specifications

  • Gyro – stabilization: Tilt, Pan
  • 360° panning capability around the ML55 or picture vehicle, + – 3 rotations.
  • Angel of vertical tilt movement: +50, -40°
  • Max camera payload: 15kg
  • Weight 140kg.
  • Height: 92 cm/ 3 ft + height of chase vehicle. (Good for parking Garages on a Sedan or Station Wagon)
  • Reach: 3.6 m/ 12 ft.
  • Max Lens Height:  1.7m (5,6ft) + car height.
  • Pan & Tilt axis are gyro-stabilized.
  • Minimum safe operating camera height off the road surface is 30cm.
  • With an 18 mm lens a full frame top shot can be achieved.
  • Operating at speeds up to 110 km/h
  • Set-up Time on Chase Car: 1.25 hours (including camera).
  • Set-up Time on a Picture Vehicle: 2.5 hours (not including vehicle’s prep).
  • The RA Dynamic is fully controlled from within the chase car and is capable of operating at speeds up to 120 km/hr.


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