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Micro Mario

The Micro Mario Rail grow out from our development of the Mario Remote dolly system. It goes together with the Micro Scorpio Remote head and thereby being a small but sturdy remote system where space is limited.

The Micro Mario Rail is a 2,8meter long single rail and is ideal for front stage positions and/or in a tight space. It is small enough to easily hide from other cameras.
Another great feature thing with it is that you can move it around during the show by it on wheels, no need for rigging. f.eks. move it in with the drum ricer and under the changeover for the next band e.x move it to the guitar player.

It comes equipped with the Scorpio Micro Head and can be used with either Sony 1500 or P1 camera. The Micro Mario System has be used on the Norwegians TV-shows as Artistgallaen and Skal vi Danse.


  • Mounted on a wheel base, so its easy to move during the show
  • Easy and fast to rig 30-45min


  • Lenght: 2,80m
  • Width: 39cm
  • Height: 21cm
  • Camera travel length: 2,1m
  • Lens height: appx. 35cm
  • Speed:



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